Maybe You have a Question?

I'm a beginner with no business yet, can I join?

Yes, you can join if you’re ready and willing to build a business right from the start. 

How long is the programme?

4 weeks of implementation workshops & support, forever access to the assignments and recordings.

Are Recordings Available?


Do you have physical meetings? 

No, this is all done online via Zoom. We provide to access for you.

I'm building a coaching business, consulting, B2B, B2C. This works?

We are particularly specialised in building an EXPERT business, and how you want to deliver your expertise, that’s up to you. If you do the work, our systems and strategies work for your business. As long as you own your brand and business (ie we only work with CEO / owner and not with team/employees), have high ambitions and healthy work ethic, and also are a person who takes action, the Avenue Growth System™ works for you.

How much time will it take? 

This is very individual and depends on so many factors. You should expect to join 1 workshop per week (1-2 hrs) and your implementation will take a different amount of time depending on where you’re at with your business. Please remember: inside our programmes, we WORK. This is not education but implementation. We’re here for you, but you need to commit to doing the job.

What's the difference between ACTIVATE and the Avenue Programme? 

ACTIVATE is a short workshop focusing on creating your growth plan. Avenue Programme is a 1-year implementation programme with access to coaches and consultants who help you implement the Avenue Growth System™ 

Can I start with ACTIVATE and then join Avenue Programme when I'm ready for the next level?

Yes, of course. And what's more we offer you the full ACTIVATE investment with a discount if you join Avenue Programme within 30 days from completing the ACTIVATE programme

Can my team members use my login?

No, this is per person only. If you have a co-founder, you can both use the same login.

I live in different country than you

We rotate the call hours to accommodate our international members and provide recordings of each session.

How much access do I have to coaches?

You will meet your coach at the workshops and Q&A calls.

What is your workshop schedule?

We designed this programme to be suitable for busy professionals who are still working full-time or have small kids at home. So we will rotate the hours to find suitable time slots for everyone.

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