The goal of this programme is simple, during the 4 weeks, we will help you gain full clarity of what you should be doing, when and why

During this 4 week intensive programme you will gain more clarity than most entrepreneurs gain in a year!

- 4 weeks intensive with a clear goal to create your growth strategy, plan and rituals weekly
- live calls and Q&A Assessment each week
- Access to the ‘Next Step Assessment’ tool (premium version)
- Focussed action, clear structure and most of all a lot of fun!

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Using the Avenue Strategic Planning System
We use our strategic business and profit planning system to create a plan in layers.  By implementing this planning structure, you will always know what to do, when and why.  Get ready to become the CEO of your business with a clear vision and an action plan. No more distractions and shiny objects!



Using the Avenue Growth Rituals System
Implement the most effective growth rituals to align your business to your goals every year, quarter, month, week and day.
The rituals we implement cover planning, goal setting and results measurement tools and scorecards
- Quarterly rituals
- Monthly rituals
- Weekly Rituals
- Daily Rituals
Set the Key Growth Metrics and make decisions like a CEO.
Get ready to manage your business and growth instead of hoping and wishing for results.
Know what gives you results and where to focus.



Using the Avenue Growth System
We use our proven methodology as the map to indicate where you are with your business right now and what your next focus should be.
Our methodology works best for your businesses if you are focussing on growth, building a brand that is widely known in your industry, want to build a scaleable model, create assets that increase the value of your company and build systems that help you scale.
The methodology works for the B2B and B2C service providers, physical goods businesses, e-commerce businesses and online course creators.
Get ready to identify what your business needs next and design an action plan that fits your ambitions and goals. 



Activating your Growth
With a newly found focus and clarity, start the implementation of your growth plan.  You will be guided on what to do next and receive step-by-step instructions that tailor your current state and next steps to set your growth plan in action


Create a strategic growth plan that fits your ambitions and intensions, has a clear structure and focus

Identify and implement elementary growth rituals that get you results

Understand your current stage and know what you need to focus on to take your business to the next level

Activate your growth plan using actionable steps and finally know what you need to do to grow your business



Unlock access to our Brand Design Essentials where we guide you through the exact steps for building a brand that attracts buyers not fans and likes, but buyers.


Unlock access to our Signature Marketing System where we guide you exactly how you can build a marketing system that works for you.


Unlock access to our intensive 4 week launch plan where we lay out exactly what you need to do, step-by-step to launch your product/service in 4 short weeks.

This is NOT an online course

Activate is not an online course which you take at your own pace with no input or feedback.  Activate is a 4 week coaching experience during which we make decisions, create a plan with you and implement tools.
All training is done by our Certified Growth Experts in the sessions, meaning you get to ask any questions you have.
Recordings available? YES

LIVE implementation workshops & Q&A every week 

Ask your specific questions directly in our implementation calls.
Recordings available? YES 

No more Information. This is about Implementation.

 You don’t need to learn more. You must implement and take action. This programme is TAILORED for action takers who want to get results fast. 

Imagine this

You are feeling unfocussed, torn between decisions, stuck and generally not sure where you are going or how to get there. 

Imagine this too
Somebody with years of experience, solid tools, frameworks and the right skills takes your hand and says



What women in business have said following completing the programme.


I took the Activate your Growth course with Ali it helped me a lot in my business. During the course I could evaluate my ideas, set a realistic plan, take the right decisions and keep my self on track. Before this course I was completely confused for long time, in big doubt and could not see things clear. I'm glad I did this step and I highly recommend. Thank you Ali for your precious experience, I sincerely enjoyed the time I spent in each class because all info you were giving in simple way straight to the point, easy to understand and apply.


I have just completed the Avenue (Activate your Growth) Course and really enjoyed it –. I found it really helped me and was very practical and informative. It has clearly laid out steps that helped me put together a system that works for my business. It really made me think and focus on what my long- and short-term goals are. But then, to use this and work backwards to help me plan what I need to be doing to achieve what I want for my business. One big thing was to be realistic in my financial predictions based on what is happening in the moment. Also, not to be afraid to adjust them – which is hard lol. Because there is a structure of reviews and planning at regular intervals, it totally kept me on track and helped me move my business forward. I think it would also be perfect for someone about to launch a business. I also liked the fact that the payment options were flexible


I have been in business for 5 years, however until last year it was more of a sideline to my fulltime job, so I had never really taken it that seriously. I left my fulltime job last year to peruse my dream which worked out harder than I thought! I signed up to Ali’s course as I wanted to learn about starting up a new business, what I would need to do prior to starting, monthly, quarterly, yearly etc. I learned so much during the course. The good thing is that it can be applied to any type of business. Ali certainly knows what she is talking about! I would not hesitate in referring someone to this course.


I really found the course helpful and very timely. It was well structured and encouraged preparation between sessions. This helped me to think and 'work' on my business rather than just turn up to sessions. The handouts and recordings were a bonus to get started and go over some areas if needed afterwards. I would have preferred and thought the course was going to be more interactive with breakout sessions with others so brainstorming and consolidation of learning could take place. I'm conscious that I was the only live attendee so this wouldn't have been possible. There were invitations to ask questions during the sessions but felt like I wasn't really there as I was the only live attendee and didn't bother. However, I really didn't need to as I asked questions in between sessions and they were answered during the sessions. The course delivery was more of a webinar style so I could have engaged anytime.

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